Sunday, May 28, 2006


Nova Scotia Hot Air

Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta are getting serious about climate change and pollution reduction. The federal government is sending mixed signals. One day, they are out of Kyoto and the next day they are letting paper work proceed.

The Conservatives need to adopt some national strategy and also need to convene a federal-provincial meeting on the matter. The current Nova Scotia election - E-Day June 13 - has thrown the environmental issue back on the table.

Rodney MacDonald- a.k.a Little Stephen Harper - has now indicated that Nova Scotia won't try to meet Kyoto targets if the federal Conservatives withdraw from the air-pollution treaty. MacDonald says Nova Scotia is willing to meet "reasonable" and "achievable" targets. He wants the feds to decide what's appropriate.

The words reasonable and achievable targets are such a cough out. It is like placing the high jump bar at 6 inches and telling a fat kid to jump over it. The goal is reasonable and achievable - no more, no less. God forbid that we actually strive to make a marked difference.

A marked difference for which to strive would be first cleaning up Halifax harbour and the raw sewage pumped into the ocean. Wouldn't that serve Nova Scotians' needs better than some flawed and ineffectual international treaty?
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