Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I love this game

The 2nd round matchup of Carolina v New Jersey. Is there anyone who actually wants to watch this series? Jersey should win with little difficulty.

Ottawa will be in tough against Buffalo. Buffalo is fast, fast, fast. The key rests with the Sabres round performances where, as the old adage, rings true: Lindy on the road and Ruff at home.

Watch out for San Jose in the west. Not sure what to make about Colorado stepping through to next round. They drew Dallas and were untested. If they draw San Jose, it will be a short series. If they draw Anaheim, maybe they have a chance.

Calgary is a dog fight with Anaheim and if they make it out, they will be in tough. The Oilers will battle whomever they play. Who wouldn't want to see a playoff version of the Battle of Alberta?

Actual predictions to follow when the matchups are set.
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