Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Fact From Fiction

It has been interesting to follow the critics (and there are plenty of them) of the current gun registry. The vast majority of complaints center on the notion that it is a right to own a firearm. Wrong. Check either the Charter or the Constitution. This isn't the United States and the King of England is not interested in your Colt 45. It isn't your right to own a gun anymore than it is your right to own a car or a home.

There are two separate issues to deal with during the gun registry discussion. One, the concept of registering a gun. Two, the cost (overruns) of the current program. There are only a few well-healed consultants that can defend the second. The previous Liberal government made some serious tactical errors on the administration of that file. They were punished and rightfully so. There is no reason that that program cost that much. There are no reasons for hiding money. All of that is an insult to Canadians.

The hysteria flowing from the concept of registering a gun is completely different than the cost overruns. One could suggest reforming the program? Establishing new software?

Why should we have to register our beloved guns? The fact that every Canadian legally driving a car has to register their car is a fairly good comparison. Or, the fact that you must register your cattle. We can pull that off for a reasonable low cost with very little noise.

The government, Big Brother, the Nanny State, The King, Jack Clayton, who ever you want to single out doesn't want to take your gun. They simply want them registered and licensed. I have no problem with registering guns. I am sure there are others, who to put it mildly, don't share my opinion. Great. Convince me that I am wrong.

Cracking down on crime is one of the Harper Conservative's five priorities and hiring more police officers is part of the Tories' solution. Now consider that Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police head Armand La Barge said this week that police officers search the gun registry 5,000 times daily so they know what to expect when responding to calls. So, in gutting the long gun registry, the Conservatives take away a tool in crime prevention and make it more dangerous for these added police officers to do their jobs. I may be offbase here, but I'd say making things more dangerous for police is an absurd crime fighting strategy at best.
That 5,000 searches on the registry is a red herring, not only that it defies logic. I'd be surprised is there is much more than 5,000 calls to the police per day let alone calls that would require a check on the status of gun ownership. The Police Association President stated that 50% of the info on the 'database' is false so why would an officer waste his time with the flawed registry. That 5,000 hits is an automatic computer-generated hit on the full data base of records.

How many times does it need to be said, Criminals don't register their guns. The only people who register their guns are law abiding citizens.

Way to take a page right out of the anti-gun lobby's talking points.
Do car theifs register their cars? Maybe i don't need to register my car because i'm not a criminal
I don't mind having every gun sold registered, but the requirements placed on owners to update every 5 years is unrealistic when we don't even enforce the laws we have now well enough. There are better ways to curb gun crime than by forcing a farmer with 4 guns to register each one.

First of all, improve border security. Second, make it illegal to carry a concealed firearm or possess one if you're convicted of a violent crime. Oh wait, those laws are already around. Why don't we enforce them, and take guns away from the drug dealers, and thugs?

It depends how you frame the debate, are you registering guns to prevent crime or are you registering guns because it's one big nanny state and the government needs to know every little thing you do.

And no, a car thief doesn't register a stolen car because it goes to a chop shop and is never seen again.
Gun registration has as much to do with the *nanny state* as registering to enter each country. It is a public safety issue.

Nobody is trying to take the guns away. Nobody is trying to eliminate your personal freedom.

I still remain unconvinced.
Exactly how does registering firearms increase public safety? How does writing down the names of law abiding citizens suddenly make Joe Canadian's life less dangerous?

Answer to both questions is the same: it makes no difference whatsoever.

The Firearm Registry was a stepping stone to the true Liberal desire to ban all firearms.
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