Thursday, May 18, 2006


Fact From Fiction - The Sequel

A message from your friendly neighbourhood National Rifle Association:

In an overreaching reaction to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and other government officials (there is something highly debatable about this statement. If officials were able to go to door to door, why were they not able to assist stranded citizens? I am sure that they didn't knock on the door SIMPLY for someone’s gun AND then leave them stranded) went door to door confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens at gunpoint. There were no police, no lights, no phones, no 9-1-1. Gangs of armed thugs ruled the streets. Local officials could not protect their citizens. But they made a dangerous situation worse by denying their citizens firearms to protect themselves—just when they needed them most. A lawful person’s right to keep a gun for self-defense shouldn’t be revoked due to storm tracks, disease epidemics, tornado paths, flood levels, wildfires, Richter scales, street riots, terrorist events or the impulse of local bureaucrats.

Today, Thursday, May 18, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierrre and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox announced a two-part initiative so this will never happen again.

The NRA is asking every mayor and police chief in America to sign a pledge that says they will never forcibly disarm the law-abiding citizens of their town or city.

The NRA will support the introduction of state and federal legislation that makes it a crime to forcibly disarm law-abiding citizens.

See their ad here.

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