Friday, May 05, 2006


Border security, American insecurity and Islamic militant insanity

The ugly face of anti-immigration has made a return visit to the United States. The past month has given witness to hundreds of demonstrations, mainly from Latinos, protesting the growing political appetite in the US to deport illegal immigrants at all costs. The President and some moderate Republicans have tried to convince many on the hard right that there are more than just social implications here and that there are some serious economic implications.

Border Patrol, one of the most offensive displays to hit the internet, is now the subject of many media stories. The game encourages players to shot at all costs three main types of Mexicans: The Nationalist, the Drug Smuggler and the Breeder - a.k.a. pregnant woman.

Play the game, if you want to, here.

Islamic militants are using*mods* on popular video games to exhort Muslim youths to take up arms against the United States. The games appear on militant Web sites, where youths as young as 7 can play at being troop-killing urban guerillas after registering with the site's sponsors.

And Hillary and other US lawmakers were concerned about Grand Theft Auto. These two make that look like Dig Dug.

That game is truely disgusting. The illegal immigration issue will be very difficult for America to deal with as it has gone on for so long and illegal immigrants are now such a large part of the Americian economy.

One thing that has always disturbed me is how quick many Americans are to try to clamp down on illegal immigrants, but how little effort is put into stopping the companies that hire them. The whole fruit industry in California for one is based on the cheap labour of illegal immigrants. People often say illegal immigrants do jobs no one else will, which is true, at the price that the companies are currently offering to have the jobs done at. I think the current illegal immigration backlash is reflective of a growing concern in America over the increasing disparity between the rich and the middle class and the middle class and the poor.
I'm having difficulty with the second set of (modded) games. Notice how the Yahoo article **steadfastly** refuses to list specifics? Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but it rings of disinformation.

Nor am I forgetting about the first -- any moron with a bootlegged copy of Flash can put something like that together ... and it looks like just such a moron already has.
Disinformation it is...

According to the Reuters article written by David Morgan published on Thursday, May 4, 2006 states, “One of the latest video games modified by militants is the popular "Battlefield 2" from leading video game publisher, Electronic Arts Inc (ERTS.O) of Redwood City, California.” In fact this video was made by a member of the Planetbattlefield forums who apparently has no provable connection with militant Islam “Science Applications International Corp., has a $7 million Defense Department to monitor 1,500 militant Web sites that provide Al Qaeda and other militant organizations with a main venue for communications, fund-raising, recruitment and training.” Regardless of any reasons our government will give for this contract with SAIC, the result of our tax dollars at work is government sponsored propaganda right here in the land of the free. Readers across America have been led to believe that this video was made by “Islamic militants to exhort Muslim youths to take up arms against the United States” but despite huge amount of resources spent on big government ‘intelligence’ an amateur researcher uncovered their mistake. Public awareness of our government’s lack of professionalism about this very serious matter is widespread. One can only assume that this was a slip up and that most other government propaganda is well camouflaged. American citizens who currently enjoy some of the highest living standards in the world should ask themselves: “What do we have to gain from this so called ‘war on terror’ and what do we stand to loose if it spirals out of control?”

Nathan Heilmann
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