Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Blue Man Group

Is Tom Cochrane an oiler fan?

Calgary started the trend with the Red Mile and subsequent mayhem. It wasn't too long after that it turned into a mini-Girls Gone Wild series. A breast here, an ass there and finally full nudity ensued. Now, following in that wonderful Alberta tradition the Blue Mile - read Whyte Ave - has emerged in Edmonton.

The website is a pretty good indication of two things:

It is colder in Edmonton so the *streakers* have more layers. I think I saw a toque in there.

Calgary has alot to be proud of.

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I know I will be slagged for saying this but WTF? Ariel Levy has her work cut out for in understanding how/why women are engaging in this raunchy behaviour. I have clearly missed something. Please explain.
Believe it or not a University of Calgary professor actually did a study on why women went topless for the Red Mile. Here is the link:

The part I have the hardest time believing is, “The women did not present going topless as primarily a sexual act, though they realized that it might be seen as such by some.”
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