Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Two Legit

Ads would look like this - Go Hammer - if Tone Loc was in charge of sports marketing.

Also, maybe MC should teach Darren McCarty some money management skills. McCarty has debts over $6.2 million. He also owes at least $185,000 owed to casinos in Detroit and Las Vegas, debts to banks, credit card companies, friends, utilities, law firms and a roofing company.

McCarty is officially a deadbeat.

I wonder how much of that debt is due to his rock band. I'm sure he dumped hundreds of thousand of dollars to get signed by a record label.
How can Mccarty owe 48,000 per month in child support. His contract is 950,000 less taxes. He needs to start moonlighting. Maybe a few of the Stampeders can put in a good word at the gas stations they work at.
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