Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Things you will not be seeing before November 11...

...flags at half mast on federal buildings.

It is time for Harper to reverse this decision and make a respectful choice. The 2004 Conservative motion should be respected.

I agree with Harper's reasoning to leaving the flag up. Unfortunately more brave men and women will be killed in the coming months and I dont think the country should come to stand still each time one of their bodies returns home. It hasn't happened in past wars, and shouldnt happen in this one. We have a day to honour our fallen war hero''s called rememberance day. I'd be interested to see a poll of the people against Harper's reversal to see if they attended a rememberance day ceremony in the recent years.

That said, this man really needs to learn how to pick his battles. This is another divisive issue that doesn't need to be debated. It doesn't do him any good, his supporter love it, but it doesn't help his image among those that are unsure of him, maybe he shouldnt care what they think anyways.

It really makes me giggle when i see the Liberal MP's on this and other issues when the conservatives have changed liberal policies. It seems that they are having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that they dont make the decisions anymore. They make it sound like conservatives are breaking laws by changing policy.

If we took the time to remember every person killed during a war, do you think we might actually give it some thought before we got into another one? I think if we choose to lump all of the dead into one day we run the risk of dehumanizing a very human process.

Harper seems to be taking too many pages from the Americans. This is an issue that just doesn't need to be debated.

The Q--
Considering we have troops in a war zone and the terrorist dirt bags are now using murder bombers and roadside bombs, the likelihood of more casualties is quite high. The last thing we want is to have the flag above parliament at half mast for the majority of time.

Good on O’Connor for setting a president, the Liberals were all over the place with lowering the flag, and at times it reeked of politics (like when an American killed four Canadians).
Seriously, why wouldn't we want the flag at half mast when there are deaths of Canadian soldiers? Wouldn't there be no greater reminder to end the conflict than a 'permanent' half mast?

Why are people so afraid of being reminded of what is going on ?
The Americans have been pursuing that approach for a while - see no evil, here no evil. Banning the media from body returns and making noises at network who list soliders names who have died in battle.

The Martin government broke with tradition - yes Liberals actually had some - and honoured the heros with a lowering of a flag and met the solider's families at the airstrip. It was the right thing to do and causes citizens to ask questions.
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