Friday, April 14, 2006


Juno review (Better late than never)

The Juno Awards, hosted in Halifax, were a chance for the best in Canadian music to shine. The problem was someone forgot to tell CTV and the powers that be that Canadian Idol finalists, runners-up and wanna bee’s don't equal talent. They never have and never will.

The Award weekend is best analyzed as a series of events.

The Good

The hockey game was entertaining- although Michael Landsberg is a terrible MC. Man, does that guy love himself. What a disappointment. Chris Murphy from Sloan looked humbled in his presence and that is accomplishing something.

Paul Coffey looked like he could still play and Jim Cuddy is intense.

Sloan and Pilate at a couple of small venues.

The Songwriters Circle hosted by Alan Doyle featuring Jann Arden, Ron Sexsmith, Martha Wainwright, Joel Plaskett and a few others was fantastic. The sound was great and the host was funny. There is something about self-deprecating Newfoundland humour.

Seeing Coldplay again.

Broken Social Scene and Feist. Good performance and a better acceptance speech.

Buck 65 as the DJ

Bryan Adams - Lifetime Achievement - for all he has done for Canadian music

Hot Hot Heat winning an award - finally some talent recognition.

Pamela Anderson - Doctors can really work wonders. Where do you buy shorts that short?

Jann Arden. Her bra was made of 100% seal skin. Too funny.

The Bad

The presence of all of the Canadian Idol losers (winners). They don't deserve to be at Canada's premier rock show. We don't need Rex Goudie, Kalen Porter and all the other morons.

Celine Dion and Dianna Krall getting nominations for so many awards when they both didn’t issue a new album. A stint in Vegas and a Christmas album are hardly worthy of such credit.

The absence of Metric, The New Pornographers, The Stills, The Constantine’s, Rufus Wainwright, Hawksley Workman, Joel Plaskett, Sloan, Ron Sexsmith, The Weakerthans, The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, The Stars, Arcade Fire, Sarah Harmer, David Usher. The real talent in the country.

Pamela Anderson as the host. Her jokes were poorly written and her attempt at seal humour not funny.

Overall it was an enjoyable weekend and I would encourage those that can to make the trek to Saskatoon for the next one. It will be a great party.

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