Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Juno 06 Preview of the Review

How was the big show? Where is the review? What was Pam really like? Does she have a good personality? All valid questions being asked by readers. However, due some travel to DC, the review is still being written. In the interim, how about a shot from the event.

Kalan Porter sure has come a long way from Medicine Hat and he isn’t going back - the lipstick is a nice touch. The 2004 winner of Canadian Idol 2004 needs a sandwich. He is sub-Saharan African thin.

Let the Clay Aiken comparisons begin.

Who's the chick?
He totally looks like a skeleton. He needs treatment.
Kalen Porter!!!

That what is so funny. He is thin and looks more like Katleen.
Christ, that's frightening
What can I say,lol ,we sure are living in interesting times.
That's a fricken MAN? WTF?
Looks like he has been holidaying at Neverland Ranch!
I finally found out what a Metro- sexless being looks like!
I have long loathed the somewhat unhealthy obsession over Kalan by folks from Medicine Hat, my hometown. Hopefully photos like this will help more people see the light... that Kalan is another Michael Jackson in waiting. Shudder....
Whoa! I almost whacked off to that! Gross!
I really just glanced at thatand thought it was a chick..didnt see what was so disturbing..but then....HOLY SHIT!!! i need to go for a walk..
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