Friday, April 14, 2006


Generation FIX

If you were born between September 2004 and April 2006, congratulations you are part of generation FIX. You are a lucky one since you have a whole generation to yourself and it was the time that Canadian First Ministers agreed to fix your Medicare system (for a generation).

In 2004, a deal worth $41 billion over 10 years is struck in Ottawa between all Premiers and the Prime Minister. There is a special clause for Quebec to continue to get side deals and run a third rate state with insanely high tax rates and deliver sub-standard services.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin (remember that train wreck):

"Canada's first ministers have agreed to and signed a deal for a decade that will lead to better health care for all Canadians,"

Among the key parts of the agreement:

$3.5 billion over two years in additional transfers to the provinces and territories.

An "escalator clause" that automatically boosts transfers by six per cent a year to keep up with rising health costs.

$4.5 billion over six years for a special fund to reduce waiting times for treatment.

Recapping a generation and a decade lasts less than two years. Canadians can't focus on more than one public policy issue at a time and the "Beggars with Bulging Wallets" are back. Apparently the $4.5 billion over six years was a misprint.

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement is likely to instruct the provinces to look at the Quebec model for guidance. Why not just simply state the obvious: The Conservative Party of Canada supports two-tier healthcare. The Conservative's favour a hybrid - private and public system. Come clean with Canadians.

There is such a void of health leadership in this country it is painful

We already have two tier health care in most provinces. I'm not sure why some folks see this as a problem.
This debate will be pointless as long as there are protest groups with a knee-jerk "save our public system" reaction (without asking, say, why?) and "private healthcare supporters" who don't in fact support private healthcare at all.
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