Thursday, March 09, 2006


So long lofty pyramids

Goodbye cheerleaders in the air. The rest of the US college basketball season, i.e. March Madness, will see limited activity by cheerleaders. A few pompom waves, some leg kicks and smiles is about all the audience will be entertain with. This is a result of a cheerleader's massive fall in St. Louis this weekend.

Kristi Yamaoka, a Southern Illinois University sophomore from Springfield, Illinois, suffered a concussion, spinal fracture and bruised lung when she lost her balance atop a human pyramid during a timeout on the weekend.

She drew worldwide attention as she was wheeled off the court. When the pep band fired up the school's fight song - Go Southern Go - Yamaoka gave a two-handed thumbs up from the gurney, then moved her arms - the only things not strapped down - in time to the music and cheered. The video is absolutely priceless.

"I'm still a cheerleader - on a stretcher or not," Yamaoka told the Today show while wearing a neck brace and her cheerleading uniform. "So as soon as I heard that fight song, I knew my job and just started to do my thing."

What drive and dedication!!

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