Friday, March 24, 2006


Out you go

Good job by all the allied forces for prying, almost all, the hostages out of Iraq.

One has to feel somewhat uneasy having the military or police risk their lives for people who have made a conscience decision to get in harms way. It isn't like Kabul or Basra are vacation hotspots, they are war zones and everyone - non-military - should stay away.

This is clearly a case where these individuals have actually made the situation worse by taking their "Christian values" there to spread around. The region is already a shit sandwich due the desire to spread democracy.

Also, there are unanswered questions about why the Canadians and Brits were saved, but not the American and why the raid was not met with resistence.

The area is a shit sandwich because for years western & asian governments dealt with dictators all in the name of stability. This lead to the mistaken belief that Arabs and democracy don't mix. Good for Bush for trying to change the way things are done in the middle east.
Praire boy,

I think you are seriously mistaken by Bush's motives. Invading Iraq was never about spreading democracy, democracy was the excuse after the rationales of connections to 9/11 and WMD's were proven false. If you look at the planning, or lack thereof for the occupation of Iraq, it is obvious that creating good government was no where near the American's top of agenda items.

Further, Bush has an awful record when it comes to promoting democracy, look at Venezuala and Hati for example. Both times he did not support democratically elected leaders, because he disagreed with their views.

You're right that for too long the west and the far east has dealt with dictators in the name of stability, but you are mistaken if you think Bush's intentions are pure or that he is a friend of democracy.
Shaky, do not trivialize the term "shit sandwich" have no idea.

Check out the recently released Iraq documents, things are interesting. It doesn't tie Saddam to 9/11 but there were connection with Saddam's government and Al Qaeda.

If you are calling a guy like Chavez a democrat you are sadly mistake, considering he attempted a coup in 1992 and was accused of electoral fraud, human rights violations, and political repression in the election he stood for. Considering Jimmy Carter endorsed the 2000 election you know it was a fraud.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, Bush is not the devil and I'm sure he would like to bring the freedoms we enjoy in the West to the Middle East. Not only that but it is easier to deal with democracies than dictatorships.
The United States foreign policy under Republican administrations has been a bigger joke than the Democrats.

Remember, the US is fighting in Iraq against an enemy that they sold weapons to and against a government they once did business with.

Jimmy Carter is Canada's Bob Rae. A guy who gained far more respect out of office then he ever had in it.
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