Saturday, March 04, 2006


Oscar and Felix

There are many versions of the odd couple in everyday life, but none is more apparent than 2 Canadian Premiers from very different parts of the country.

One, is confident, often classy and also combative. He has, likely, some serious job security leading a fiery group of citizens. He is clearly in his political prime and has severe wind behind his sails.

The other is a blowhard and a bumbling fool. A man who so often puts his foot in his mouth that one is embarrassed to see him on the local, provincial and national stage. He acts more like a Sultan than a democratically elected politician.

Meet Danny Williams and Ralph Klein.

I think I'll just wait until I see what Danny Williams does with the billions in petrobucks The Rock will be receiving over the next few years before I put him in the same league as King Ralph.
Ralph is King of the morons and that is it. The man is lazy and disrespectful and the sooner he resigns, the better.
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