Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Moldy replugged

Now that I am back on Canadian soil and free to consume dairy and avoid the Delhi Belly, it is time to resume the blogging and blabbing. No, I wasn't in India doing advance scouting for the Bush visit. Nope, I wasn't there in search of the next Liberal leader. Apparently, I did miss a few events while away though.

What happened while away? Team Canada broke a record for medals won in an Olympics - who cares if the Men's hockey squad were in the toilet. Stephen Harper appointed in a new Supreme Court Justice after a little show and no tell. A couple of Canadians stand accused of murdering another pair of Canadians in Mexico. Nice try Mexican authorities, try pinning the tale on another pair of local donkeys. (A suggestion to boycott Mexican resorts by Canadians would be a nice comeback since the local bozos are trying to protecting the precise tourist dollars) All in all a fairly eventful week.

A special thank-you to Feminurse for pinch hitting while I was enjoying the heat, humidity and smells of India. Her blog is usually free of all the clutter that collects here and is often much more focused.

Welcome back!
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