Friday, March 31, 2006


Harpo on the beach

I don't usually like Leah McLaren, but she is spot on.

Harper needs a mirror. The guy looks so out of place. We all know that the vest is intended to hide "the spare tire."

Now, I am not the thinest man in the world but geez this guy is really packing them on. At least he has ditched the creepy golf shirts.

Literal hat tip to Vincente Fox. The man knows style and even W is looking relaxed.

Well done, Shaky! This is one of your finest subjects, not a superficial petty personal attack on the Prime Minister... no, wait...
There is criticism here of both his policies and appearance. This has been consistent and dates back to the last Prime Minister.
May I ask what purpose is served by attacking Prime Minister Harper's personal appearance?

Wait- never mind... It is none of my business. It appears from your reply I've made you feel like you have to justify your topic. This is your blog and you should post whatever you feel is appropriate.

Please excuse my interference in your freedom of expression.
God, don't you just HATE it when you get a PM who is long on substance but perhaps just a little short on style.(at least to suit some peoples taste.)

Course, if he was anthing like Martin we certainly wouldn't be having this discussion because he'd still be trying to decide whether he should even go to Cacun or not.

Look at some of the closeups of Harper and Fox and compare the spare tires. Looks to me to be the same.

Horny toad

P.S. I don't think we need to worry unless Harper tries to play the "air guitar"
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