Tuesday, March 14, 2006


First Hand Knowledge - UPDATE

Prime Minister Stephen Harper deserves a hat tip for his visit to Afghanistan. It shows courage and conviction to enter a war zone to meet the troops. The men and women representing this country over there appreciated the visit.

Here the speech here.

Finally, on March 13, I agree with BUMF.

Harper is right to state that the country will not cut and run.

Harper, however, needs to hit the treadmill. He looks like he has packed on at least 35 pounds in the past year. The Saskatchewan Progressive is affectionality referring to him as Prime Minister Fatty. He is starting to make Paul Martin - remember him - look fit. Yikes.

Is there any truth to the rumour that he stopped for some Timbits and a double-double at the new Tim Hortons?

FYI - The last Prime Minister to visit the troops was Chretien in 2003. I am sure Canadians remember Jean.

He even spend the night with the JTF guys in one of their forward bases, that's pretty cool.
The battle of the bulge isn't an uncommon affliction for politicians. I suppose it comes as no surprise to you that I'm proud Harper chose to make this journey to support our troops.

How many similar trips did Martin or Chretien make? I haven't research it but the MSM said none. Pretty odd for guys who never hesitated to wrap themselves in the flag.
I truly hope (but realize it won't happen, except in sound bites) that a National Debate happens with regard to Afghanistan.

I want to see all the pansies suddenly realize that they are the minority.

I want to see Harper give a speech, I mean a real speech, not some plea to Canada to save the government.

I want to see Leadership, and given this example, I've no doubt that Harper is up to spec.

Supporting the troops. What a novel idea. This is the common sense that has been missing from the likes of Jean and Paul. Actions speak louder than words and spending one night in a tent with the JTF means you care about the troops and the mission.

Thank god we actually have a leader that stands for something.

"Good night and god bless Canada"

No complaints here on the actions of the Prime Minister. Also, there is no need for debate. A national debate only should arise if we send troops to another area. This government is simply executing orders from the previous administration. People were comfortable with sending troops to rebuild the country when there were no causalities.

This is a war zone and there a large chunk of the Afghan population who want to see Westerners killed and as a result there will be military deaths. This is a fact of life and Canada can not waver on this point. It sends a bad signal to both our military and the very people they are protecting.
Shaky, if there is no need for debate, why are the politicians of the left screaming for a debate? Cheap political points?? Tacky, very tacky.
The left can be as irrational as the right. That is what happens when you take principled stances and don't govern by the polls.
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