Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Beer Goggles and Not So Silent Sam

The glorious drunk dial. The call that should never had been made. The one where you don't have a clue what you are talking about and will remember very little about it. The one where you call an ex, a partner or friend. You may wax poetic about days gone by. Or, you regal people with your charming personality. Or, you decide to continue "throwing the vibe out there."

One of my favourites still is a second hand one shared by a friend - she was told that it wasn't the drinks but rather that he had just noticed that she cleaned up well. And the nerd thought that would lead to a night of passion.

We have all been there and now there is a website to share your stories. is a place where you can post your friends drunk messages, funny drunk pictures, and write stupid stories about your drunk-dialing experiences.

The idea spawned out of one 7-minute call at 6am and the annoyance of all the creator's friends drunk-dialing him at all hours of the night on any given day of the week.

Remember the courtsey calls from Whistler, ahh the good old days.

I seem to recall a phone message from a certain someone while that said someone was in the couv.
No talking out of school.
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