Sunday, March 12, 2006


The Anti-Luna

The recent press coverage on the death of Luna the Killer Whale was enough to make one sick. It got national (and international) coverage and is still causing waves amongst the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in the BC village.

In memory of Luna's death, this video is a reminder of why whales are best free. It is amazing that nobody died.

That's awesome the guy survived. I didn't crunch the physics numbers, but a whale landing on you from any height even while in the water can't be good for the bones or soft tissues.
I know that is why I found it crazy.
Shaky, what is your thoughts about the conflict between the native band and the DFO scientists who tried to reunit Luna with his pod? You touched on the conflict in your post but offered no opinion.

Were the natives right to interfere? Do they legitimately believe the whale held the spirit of a deceased hereditary chief or where they scoring some free media attention?

Should the scientists have continued the move regardless of the natives??
Were they wasting taxpayer's money on a single Orca... which isn't an endangered species??
F and B

I think that the Aboriginals were wrong to demand that the whale stay in the area.

I think that the scientists and government officials were wrong to cave to these demands.

In the future, however, it will be easier for cooler heads to prevail since this is a great example of why nature should often be left to its own devices.
We're agreeing again- all 3 points!

I've worked on native reserves throughout BC and I've seen similar situations played out, albeit to a lesser degree than this situation.

Spirituality is very important in the culture but it's bizarre to watch one person "see" something and then watch the rest of the crowd suddenly "see" the same thing.

I discussed this phenomenon with a band leader who basically said they back each other up partly out of mutual respect and partly from fear of disassociation.

Scientists & governments have their own motivations which are more obscure but that's no surprise.
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