Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Accountability for All

Does anyone else feel uneasy with this story? Especially when it happens around the same time that this breaks.

Now, I am not suggesting causation or correlation, however, I am advocating for accountability and responsibility for all Canadians - regardless of race, gender or age.

I like how the chief credits the Aspers wealth to "Indian land", nothing to do with hard work, business savy, being friendly with Liberals, nope, all because of "Indian land".

The best thing for all natives would be to fired their useless chiefs.
Nope... the best thing would be to strike down the Indian Act, do away with the reserve system and give them back land & property rights.

The current form of government on most reserves resembles that of most Muslim nations. Bear with me...

There are two kinds of chiefs; elected and hereditary. The elected chiefs deal with the day-to-day business of the band. The hereditary chiefs deal with spiritual matters as cultural leaders.

The elected chiefs exercise financial power; the hereditary exercise spiritual power. When they clash, the elected win the battles but the hereditary win in the war.

In Muslim countries, elected officials rule at the forebearance of the mullahs. If the government doesn't toe the line, the mullahs arrange to replace them.

SO, the next time someone talks glowingly about native self government or a separate court system for natives, keep my comparison in mind.
The plea to Bill Gates was, I thought, a publicity stunt. Sadly, I was mistaken.

The claim that the Aspers owe it to them just plain gaulling.

Paul Martin should have left well enough alone and let the Robert Nault sweeping changes to Indian Act go through, but no he had to identify it as "a high priority" and pander to yet another interst group.

One has to hope that the new government takes a different approach and so far Prentice has said all the right things.
I agree, hopefully the CPC reinstates Naults changes or something similar. It's a start.
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