Friday, February 17, 2006


Tricky Dick

Who would have thought that a victim issues the apology? Sorry for being in the way of your bullet Mr. Vice President. I will try not to resemble a bird next time.

Dick Cheney, who apparenttly gave President Bush a powerful explaination of the event, shots a man and Harry Whittington then holds a press conference to announce that he feels sorry for the Vice-President and his family for the unecessary press coverage.

One has to wonder if Dick Cheney and George Bush have as much concern for American soliders and innocent citizens of Iraq as they do for their good friend and political donour.

I guess that I don't understand, in the words of Whittington, the great sport of quail hunting. It must be difficult to drive up to a cage, have birds released and fire upon them.

You got it right, they are heartless monsters who are giddy with glee now that over 2,000 soldiers have been killed along with thousands of Iraqi civilians. The only deaths they are not shedding a tear for are the Islamist disrupting things in Iraq.

You should apply for a job in the White House Press Corp. You would fit in.
Do you suppose Whittington might be apologizing because he's embarrassed to have unwittingly been the cause of the pathetic antics of the mainstream media who are falling over themselves trying to make a major incident out of this accident? I've even heard conspiracy theories already about how the blast pattern is inconsistent with that type of shotgun loaded with birdshot!!
I understand he snuck up on the side of Cheney, then popped his head up into Cheneys line of sight and yelled BOO.

Horny Toad
It seems strange for a victim to apologize. If Whittington was in the wrong, he should have said so.

The only media outlet that didnt dedicate much attention to it was Fox News since they are so fair and balanced.
Why do you consider Whittington a victim? It was negligence on his part that lead to this accident. As evidenced by his public statement, Whittington doesn't consider himself to be a victim!

Cheney, too, was negligent. Anyone who has training in safe use & handling of firearms knows that. Cheney now has to live with the knowledge and memory of shooting his friend which will have more impact than the histrionics of the media.

I don't focus much attention to Fox News since they're as partisan right as CNN and others are partisan left.
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