Monday, February 20, 2006


A failure to communicate

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper sees his shadow, does that mean 6 more weeks of winter? Just checking, since the man has been largely invisible (read: avoiding the media) since taking office two weeks ago. Just call him Bubble Boy. Now, however, a glimpse of why that is has emerged and it may have a cost a foot solider employment.

Less than 2 weeks into the mandate and already the pink slips are out. Goodbye William Stairs, former Conservative Director of Communications. Chief of Staff Ian Brodie wished Stairs well and says that he is looking forward to working with Stairs as he moves on to new pportunities. The new opportunities are not outlined, however, maybe he could join John Reynolds as a non-lobbyist.

I know the media has been making a big deal about Harper not beening that available in the last two weeks, but honestly, what has the guy had to communicate. That the Conservatives are sticking to their priorities and just busy learning how to be government? Well they have said that already. I get offended when politicans avoid the press when there is an important issue people want answers on, but when there is no pressing issue, I would rather they just do their jobs and not feed their and the media's egos.
Fie, southie, fie!! How dare you suggest Harper and the Conservatives get down to the business of governing instead of submitting themselves at whim per the prerogatives of the MSM!!

Why, that kind of thinking might interfere with the MSM's right to ask leading questions and focus attention on their pet theories until their friends in the natural ruling party return to power! They might have to do some work to justify their existence...

No, wait... they'll just publish opinion, make reference to non-existent high ranking officials or other non-existent sources.

Never mind... Let's go with your idea. Sorry for the interruption.
Yeah, god forbid that we would include as the 'business of governing' communicating with the electorate.

A quiet politician is an oxy moron, it usually means they are doing something they don't want you to know about.

Fair & Balanced; you are not living up to your name -- not that you ever really did.
Harper has now gone through three Communications Directors and just appointed an unillingual anglophone Director. Apparently he didnt learn from Martin's mistake with Scott Reid.

Oh, and the new lady is a former big lobbyist. She is getting out while the getting was good.
I was going to retort, the_q, but I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponant.
Hey fair & balanced, don't underestimate the_Q.
prairie boy, I'm sure the_Q is a towering intellectual. As everyone knows, personal attacks are the true hallmark of the cerebral blogger!!

Lesser traits like a sense of humour (especially satirical & ironic) and diversity of thought and/or opinion are for the unenlightened.
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