Friday, February 24, 2006


Canadian Women Bring Home the Hardware

The Canadian Winter Olympics team has done a smashing job this year with a record setting medal haul in Torino. The previous record was 17 medals set in Salt Lake City, 2002. The Canadian team is currently sitting at 19 medals, 14 of those won by women. This makes Canadian women #1 in the world, and Cindy Klassen is leading the pack with her record-setting four medals. Klassen has more medals than Czech Republic, Slovakia and Great Britain put together. Tomorrow Klassen will go for an unprecedented fifth gold medal in the 5000 m.

The men have some time to play catch up...the men’s curling team is currently playing for gold or silver, men are also expected to medal in four-man bobsleigh and short-track speed skating.

The fact that Canadian women are excelling at sport in international competition demonstrates the funding equality that exists in Canadian sport that is not present in all other competing countries. This is an outcome that Canadians should be proud of... Besides, someone had to bring home the Gold in hockey!

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