Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Rumour du jour

Not sure if there is any truth to this but it sure makes for an interesting discussion.

According to the Montreal Gazette:

Elections Canada has been asked to investigate the Conservatives after allegations the party is overseeing a group that operates partisan on-line Web logs.
Canada’s election watchdog received a complaint yesterday from a disaffected party member who claims the Tories tried to sway political opinion in cyberspace in the leadup to, and during, the election by setting up the popular “Blogging Tories” website.

I have stated on more than one occasion that the Conservatives appear to have learned from the Republicans in the US - dominate the airwaves and success will follow. There isn't a major city in Canada that doesn't have a right-leaning talk(rant) show and the blogging world is dominated by conservative minded individuals.

I know that my friend Fair and Balanced may not think so, but I don't consider myself part of that group.

I assume if there is an investigation of the Blogging Tories, they would have to investigate the Blogging Dippers, Liblogs and "progressive" bloggers. I see you link to the "progressive" bloggers and are on their blog roll, does that mean this site will be under investigation.

Carol Jamieson is just an angry red tory trying to find some dirt, any dirt on the CPC.

I'm glad you describe me as a friend, Shaky. I'm a friendly kinda guy and I hope you look upon our exchanges of opinions in the spirit intended... fun.

FWIW, I don't consider you to be a part of that group of conservative minded bloggers either.

(See, I learned a blogger acronym today!!)
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