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A single comment made by frequent reader - fair & balanced - got me thinking. Where did some of deepest held values in Canada come from? It wasn't from the so-called "individualism" or "conservative can-do spirit". No, in fact the rise of the CCF / NDP actually provided many programs and values Canadians have grown to cherish and enjoy.

The Winnipeg Manifesto may no longer be relevant and society has evolved, but we should not be so glib to believe individualism will carry the day. Neo-conservative movements are a disaster and trickle down economics is utter-bullshit. Take a peak at the widening income gap in the US if you actually believe this voodoo wealth transfers is successful.

So, are you endorsing the NDP then?
Communism is a disaster. Socialism isn't much better. Despite your protests, the US remains the world's only superpower and the largest & most prosperous economy. That being said, I wouldn't want to inflict American style politics on Canada. Incidentally, the US isn't a democracy so comparing us with them doesn't make sense. It's apples & oranges.

The social safety net, universal health care and other government programs aren't bad things, in and of themselves. The problem is that governments do a lousy job of administering these programs so billions of dollars are either wasted, stolen or lost. Those dollars come from guys like me who pay a higher percentage of taxes than any other G8 country.

I know from whence I speak. I was raised in poverty and I spent my first adult years working seasonal jobs with EI between. The real breakpoint for me was when I was offered a job out of province and I felt sick from fear.
Being the introspective type, I figured out that aside from the stress of moving away from my close family, I was afraid to lose the relative stability of an EI cheque for a job which might or might not work out.

Having recognized my fear, I threw off it's shackles and I've never looked back. Unfortunately, many folks never have the epiphany. I know families who were raised on welfare; they know no better and seek no better. This is a tragedy. There is no incentive for them to work; the government takes care of all of their needs, from the cradle to the grave.

Is there something wrong with wanting to be rewarded for hard work? Is it a bad thing to have initiative? By accepting responsibility for my own future instead of waiting for a faceless government to feed me, I’ve grown self-reliant. I am a better and stronger person than I was before. Why wouldn’t I wish this for my fellow citizens?

For all you scorn individualism, if I asked you to describe the traits of the best of all citizens, you would start list the traits which epitomize individualism. If I asked you to describe the traits of the worst of all citizens, you would list the traits of the Liberal government which you say you’re about to vote for. Think about it, if you dare.
No I am not endorsing the NDP. I am just pointing out some interesting points.
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