Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Road Rage in Kensington Market?

The Toronto Star featured an article today on a dust-up that happened in the Kensington Market. Apparently there are over 100,000 hits a day on this site and as a result it is a slow as shit.

The photos are were taken by a photographer at CityNoise, where a motorist and a bike courier got into a heated exchange and physical altercation in the Market. The story, as it is known to Torontoist, goes like this:

...the driver threw a bunch of garbage out the window, the courier picked it up and threw it back in. He got out and threw coffee on her, she keyed the car. He proceeds to stomp on her bike and then hit her before bystanders pull him away.

The event was parlayed to Torontoist as an example of low tolerance in the biker-motorist relationship - although we think this is a rather extreme example. There was some unverified talk of a baseball bat and police involvement, but we will refrain from commenting on that which we are unsure of (this time). Now, there is even talk that the entire event was staged?

Street art or road rage? You decide.

The cyclist responded saying that she never keyed his car. When the drive grabbed her and pushed her around, her keys hit the vehicle and left a 1 cm scratch in the clear coat with no damage to the paint.

I've done the same thing to people who throw cigarette butts out the window. Though I generally just throw it into the box of their truck. I guess theirs is the one F350 that came without an ashtray.
Having read several accounts of this incident (including the one purported to be from the cyclist herself) I hope the police do the right thing and charge the driver with assault. There's a huge difference between wearing a hamburger and attacking someone. This is a man with "issues" to say the least.

Knowing how our legal system works, he would likely get no greater penalty than probation. Hopefully, the terms of his probation would include anger management counselling.
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