Thursday, January 19, 2006


Get used to it

Minus - American social conservatives are happy.

Plus - Canadian and American governmental relations should improve. Could they really get any worse? Well, maybe if Jack Layton somehow pulled off a miracle.

We are not likely to see any renditions of "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" like we did with Mulroney and Regan but things will be cozier. Mr. Harper should bring out the dude wear since he may soon be visiting a ranch. FYI - To be fair, the vest thing didn't work for me either!

I'm not sure as to how close Mr Harper will be to Mr Bush. If he is more effective than Mr Martin at resolving some of the outstanding trade issues, it's because he picked up the phone and called the White House. Mr Martin didn't succeed because of his ineptitude, nothing more.

The prime minister of Canada, in almost most cases, has had an ear in Washington due to our close economic and social relationship.

Personalities count, but the realities of the relationship count even more.
Martin came to office promising to repair relations with Washington, then did exactly the opposite.

Harper will have his hands full enough with the business of governing. I don't see him spending too much time on the Bush ranch.
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