Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Everything for Nuts to bolt

The other day the work discussion stumbled onto craigslist and some of the odd things people are posting on it. It seemed handy to unload the apartment, but wow some people really throw themselves at the thing full throttle.

Here are a couple of examples of craigslist posts from the US - this are tame compared to some of the ones highlighted on Fark and Gorilla Mask.

Original craigslist post.

Evah since I been a lil girl i always be thinkin that it would be nasty (in a good way) to have a couple of men act out that scene from Star Wars where Luke comes to rescue Princess Leah from Jabba the hut.

Here's what i want: Four men (Luke, Jabba, Hans Solo, and Chewy) to come over to my house, tie me up by the neck and then beat me around for a while before re-enacting the entire portion of the film that takes place at Jabba's palace (i will provide copies of the script for you to memorize or read before we commence and i have created costumes from fabric and pieces of plastic i had lying around the house).

Or for the ladies:

I need a fine lady to hammer small spikes through my scrotum, into a plank of wood. Must be very accurate, I would prefer a carpenter or a lady who knows her way around a set of tools. Serious inquiries only...

Must also be able to remove spikes.
Look at me like that again and I'll stab you in the eye.

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