Friday, January 27, 2006


Dial up the middle

Events may not have unfolded exactly as recounted.

Not bad... not bad at all...

Shaky, I'm surprised you didn't cover Harper's first media encounter as PM. I'll bet you would have if Harper had stuck his foot in his mouth....
I am still dithering. I am used to the old PM and his pace.

Harper sounded fine.
One media talking head out here did a quicl comparison. He figured Dithers would normally spend 22 minutes trying to avoid answering a single question... whereas Harper's 22 minutes answered all the reporters questions... plus he threw in the soundbite about the US ambassador without being asked.

It'll be interesting to see how Harper handles US relations... I know I'll be watching carefully. You?
Yeah he answers lots of questions, except ones on his peronsal opinions on abortion, gay rights, minorities -- but those things aren't important I guess.
What's the matter, the_q? Are you disappointed Harper didn't choose his first media encounter to disclose his secret agenda?
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