Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Captain Canada passes

The race to replace Paul Martin is starting to resemble a mass exodus. Once interested individuals are choosing to avoid Stornaway like the plague and have created the most wide open Liberal field in at least 30 years.

I agree with the Calgary Grit that this is a good thing. In fact, who would have thought 3 years ago that a leadership race of Stephen Harper, Belinda Stronach and Tony Clement would have produced the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada? Remember Bernard Lord, Mike Harris, Peter MacKay, Jim Prentice, Chuck Strahl all took a pass on the Tory leadership and the party is now in power.

Here is an informal, not vetted by Liberal connections, list of candidates. These individuals are believed to harbour ambitions - for what that is worth these days.

Not even walking

Frank McKenna
John Manley - Tough to find additional subject matter for this blog.
Brian Tobin - Also, this blog seems, well, kind of pointless.
Ujjal Dosanjh

Slightly sprinting

Michael Ignatieff
Belinda Stronach
Scott Brison
Martin Cauchon
Joe Volpe
Maurizio Bevilacqua

Slowly Jogging

Ken Dryden
Gerard Kennedy
Bob Rae
Allan Rock
Stephane Dion

Aimlessly waddling

Glen Murray
Jane Stewart
Sheila Copps
George Smitherman
Anne McLellan
Christy Clark
Clyde Wells
Dennis Mills
Denis Coderre
Hedy Fry

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