Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Canada's 22nd Prime Minister - The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Congratulations to Harper and his team. They ran a good campaign and put forward their issues to Canadians in a spirited way. Time will tell how long this government will last but two things are certain.

One, the West is in and will be heard.

Two, Canada has two national parties and the Bloc is on the way down.

The second point is an excellent development for Canadians.

Thanks for the excellent election coverage on your blog. I like a lot of the longer posts we were getting. So much better than some of that Jessica Simpson stuff that used to be on here a lot. A job well done to you too.

I feel sad today -- I am sure I will have a rant in somewhere soon.

You gotta admit, I had some pretty damn good predictions. Beat out most of the major prediction sites.
Personally, I think the first point is also an excellent development for Canada.

But that's just me.
The West is in.

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are not.

Interesting times, eh?
You know, its not so much the Conservatives that I mind. Their platform has some good points that ring with me. Their candidates are somewhat scary (ie: Vellacott) but every party has the scary person.

What frustrates me is the belief by a lot of the Conservative supporters, especially our friends in Alberta, that everyone can fend for themselves if they really work at it.

I am not doubting that there are many hard entreprenneurs and farmers out there that have but in a helluva lot more work than I have in my short 30 years, but when you live in a propsperous economy it becomes a bit too easy to be blinded by the light.

Yes, many Albertans are hardworking but lets face it guys -- you are sitting on liquid gold. I know many of my engineering friends who work in the energy sector and, although I am sure they work very hard, they didn't have to work too damn hard to find a job. So it becomes hard to understand a place where jobs aren't so plentiful.

It is basic economics. I can make a hell of a lot of money off of investments if I have a hell of a lot of money to begin with. Compound interest ensures that that the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

The same goes for Alberta -- it is easy to say that a little hard work will pay off in an environment that's lousy with jobs.
Yes, Albertans work hard, but guys -- you have to admit at least half of it is based on geography.

All I am saying is, there are people out there who will get shit on no matter how hard they work. Sure there are people who are lazy and take advantage of the social net but sometimes things just don't go your way and we can't lump those people in the same category.

I hope that the Conservatives keep that in mind over the next 18 months, and I hope all who voted for them do too.
Point taken, Q. Personally, I'm more happy with the fact that the Western separtists movement has lost a bit of wind.

There was more than idle talk in this province about leaving Canada if the Liberals were brought back to power. Stephen Harper knows this and we have him and Preston Manning to thank for turning Alberta's frustrations towards Ottawa.

"The West Wants In" is more pertinent than non-Albertans realize
I'll add my thanks as well, Shaky... although I'm not sure my two bits are always appreciated here, you haven't put the run to me... yet...

The more I think about Harper being in minority, the better I feel about it. While it might have been nice to have a majority, this situation forces the Conservatives to play nice... and hopefully the other parties will follow suit. It's time Ottawa started acting it's age.

Comments are always welcome and you can rest assure that I will be blogging frequently about this government - for better or worse.
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