Friday, December 16, 2005


The two hour snoozer - Election Day 17

Is it just me or did the debates actually get worse? No leader came out of there with a leg up. All performed reasonable well and all had their small errors and strong comments. The format, however, was a sleeper.

My suggestion for the next election is to scrap the French debates. The two, separate language discussion sessions just do not work for a federal election. A new format with the "language of your choice" would work way better and here is why.

One, the French language debate is really a debate about 1 province (although there were questions from outside Quebec and questions about minority language outside the province) and that isn’t fair. The party leaders pandered all night to the voters in a single province where two parties will win seats. A single debate would not disallow French or English to be spoken but would actually ensure some sense of fairness to the discussion.

Second, one or two less language debates free up time to have policy discussions. Why not have the party leaders draw names and have them debate each other for one hour on a range of issues up to 3 times. Each of the leaders go one on one for one hour with a set of questions and see who has the best vision for Canada.

Here is hoping the major television networks realize that the debates are meant to inform voters not put them to sleep.

Not necessarily scrapping the french debate but have four regional debates (possibly five if you separate BC from the Prairie Provinces), there would be one french debate and three other debate in other regions. Each region has different priorities and it would be nice if the debates focus on them individually.

Yes I know things are broken up by region too much as it is but that's reality.

Keith, you ignorant slut. Here is my plan - first off, if you don't run candidates in every province - (hell I will settle for half) - you don't enter the debate. Bye Bye Frere Gilles.

Secondly, I think we should focus on issue debates. That way, people can watch the debate that most reasonates with them. I tried to watch this debate, it just did't work for me.

Thirdly, Kong rules!!

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