Thursday, December 15, 2005


Too hot for TV

Elton John's new show, the Red Piano, in Vegas has been designed and directed by David LaChapelle. The show blends together Elton's incredible music (pre-Disney sell out) and showmanship with David LaChapelle’s creativity.

The show, which can be seen next season in Vegas, is coming to the small screen. NBC, however, has declared that some portions of it are too hot for television. Pamela Anderson appears in few sequences wearing next to nothing (which is nothing new, is there anyone who hasn't seen her naked?) and dancing with the assistance of a pole. The network, not impressed, has pulled that portion. This is yet another example of American hypocrisy - guns and violence on television are ok. Sex (or any reference or hint) of it is taboo or indecent.

See the clips here.

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