Sunday, December 11, 2005


Loyality is priceless

Scott Reid will never lose his job with Mr. Dithers because he is too stupid and too faithful to recognize problems. This election alone the PMO spokesperson has let a few wonderful statements slip:

Telling Alberta to blow him!

Indicating that Canadians will blow the $1,200 baby bonus from Stephen Harper on beer and popcorn. This comment was brought up on Question Period this morning, however, there is no evidence floating around on the web. TIPS are encouraged.

This is the same guy who was locked in the Grewal mess, has made a series of other errors and is just a poor communicator for a Prime Minister.

Scott Reid, the prime minister's director of communications, reportedly said in an interview that the Conservative childcare plan of giving households $1,200 per year for each child under six would just be spent on beer and popcorn.

John Duffy, appearing for the Liberals on Question Period, stood by Reid’s statement and did a good job a recasting the issue.

"The fact is there is absolutely nothing to stop somebody from pocketing Stephen Harper's $1,200 supposed child care baby bonus and spending it however the heck they want," he said. He went onto to say that the Liberal plan will create more daycare spaces.

This issue is much the same as post-secondary education theere is no shortage of demand for childcare spots (education spots), however, in most of the country there is a shortage of supply.

On a policy level, what's the best way to for governments to assist parents (students): By providing more daycare (classroom) space or through direct financial aid to parents for them to spend as they see fit?

See conservative website for more on the 'beer and popcorn comment'
See or conservative life not sure what the website address is but Political Staples links to it. Just a warning Conservative Life likes to put "witty" quotes on the screen of what ever video you are watching. They are not that funny.

Speaking of loyalty being priceless, check out Angry turns out Paul Martins' doctors income trust had some heavy trading just before the income trust anouncement. But "Mr. Honest" or any of his staff didn't do anything wrong.

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