Sunday, December 18, 2005


Election Day 19


If it weren't for candidates in Calgary, would anyone have attended the "rally" yesterday? At least Paul went there, however, a trip to Edmonton would be better for him, the party and Anne.


Can Jack get a bounce or any momentum from the debates? They are really only competitive in about 30 ridings now and even there they struggle. The party needs to recapture support in Saskatchewan, gain ground in Ontario and come up the middle in Ontario ridings. No small feat.

Are there any other blasts from the past they could convince to run? Phil Edmonston - the only NDP MP ever elected in Quebec? Nelson Riis - the man who should have been leader?


Gilles had a rally at the Spectrum in snowy Montreal. He really is playing the rock star card.


Common man Stephen Harper doesn't know the price of eggs and milk? Nine times out ten it wouldn't matter, however, when you play the "We are just like you card" it matters.

Harper continues to campaign like it is 1979. Charter of Rights and Freedoms, what Charter?

Julie Bélanger has been added to the blog list. She is based in Moncton and is providing me with some excellent - I think - analysis of the campaign. Her best post is why everyone should register their domain names. This is really a generational issue and the older generation can't understand why this isn’t a crime?

Doesn't anyone make comments on your blog?

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