Thursday, December 15, 2005


Election Day 16

All parties prepare for the debates in Vancouver and Saskatchewan residents, especially those in Battlefords-Llyodminster, rejoice as Jim Pankiw is back and attempting to return to Ottawa as an independent.


A good game of verbal tennis with the American Ambassador.


Gilles wants to reach out to Anglophones in Quebec and believes they have a place in an independent Quebec. FYI - still no sign of an English version of their website. Your future English Quebec, second class citizen with a pad and paper.


The NDP has apparently recruited former Governor General and Manitoba Premier Ed Schreyer to run in the Selkirk/Interlake riding, which is just north of Winnipeg between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipegosis in the west and Lake Winnipeg in the east.

Interesting, not likely to win or make a difference, but interesting none the less.


Harper, see previous post, gets in trouble for a previous speech discusses his, hmmm, love for this country.

Ezra Levant is in the news. A nice college photo is posted on the Liberal website discussing Stephan Harper's double speak. Harper has come out in favour of democratic reform, however, it is a little rich coming from a guy who was parachuted into his current riding and pushed Levant aside. Levant is a good sport about the photo that was used and has never really complained publicly about being strong armed out. The best part is that he has posted on the Western Standard's blog that he actually looked like that.

Are you kidding me about Harper and democratic reform? You write in favour of Ignatieff being parachuted into a Toronto-area constituency but mock the fact that a newly-elected party leader (who actually lives in that riding) was placed in front of an untested candidate (who would've lost an expensive nomination vote anyways). I'm not a fan of parachuting "star" candidates if there are local people willing to put the time and effort into getting nominated, but a party leader MUST be in the House.

Pretty chintzy, Shaky.
Your kidding me with this post about Harper and Levant. The liberals have no respect for their local constituents, not that I care how the liberals run their internal business, but for them to even attempt to attack the Conservatives for parachuting candidates is a little rich.

On another note, the Conservatives have done a really good job of making this an issues campaign. During the last parliament everyone was complaining that no one was talking about the issues and that it was all Gomery all the time, but during this election I’ve heard very little about Gomery from Harper other than a couple lines in his stump speech. I especially like that the liberal are only responding/reacting to the Conservatives. Kinsella said something to effect that Martin is looking like a good opposition leader.

You both missed the point of the post. I simply stated that Harper is not in the strongest position to play the ethics card given how he got his riding and given how Allan Cutler squeezed out Alan Riddell in Ottawa South.

The Tories and Liberals are both guilty of playing outside the rules on the rigging of riding nominations.
I just want to apologise to everyone for Jim Pankiw.

On a side note, if you want the title and got airfare to Sri Lanka, you too can be a doctor in 8 short weeks!

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