Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Election Day 15


The Conservative Party continues their policy announcement-a-day pace. Their commitment on defense is a real national issue. It is not clouded in provincial-federal relations and is clearly a federal responsibility.

The Conservative party would boost Canada's ability to project its values around the world with more military aircraft and a new airborne battalion. Harper said the new battalion and large strategic lift aircraft would be based. The Conservatives would also buy planes to replace the military's aging fleet of Hercules aircraft. This is the main difference between the Conservative stance and the previous Liberal announcements.

Harper had the best line of the early election. Harper, in Trenton, ON, said that hitchhikers get to their destination, but they don't get to pick the route or the timing," he said, referring to recent missions in which the Canadian military had to rely on U.S. or Russian aircraft.


Trotting out Shirley Douglas and banging the healthcare drum. Desperate times call for dreadful measures.


Paul Martin supports an elected senate, IF, there can be regional balance attained. He is just waiting for someone who could set the ball rolling on that debate or begin the decision making process, hmm, like the Prime Minister. Or, some guy who promised to address the democratic deficit.

The US Ambassador tears a strip off Paul Martin and Martin jumps in the polls. See story tomorrow.

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