Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Economics vs Politics

Why does the *supposed* party of small government and no business subsidies want to complicate Canadian lives with a tax credit for anything that moves and transfers to business in another name - i.e. agriculture and fisheries?

Do we need a more complicated tax code and more employees at the Customs and Revenue Agency? Or do we just need lower personal and corporate tax rates and a simplified system?

It was interesting to hear Stephen Harper profess his love for all things rural today when you know as an economist he doesn't believe in much what he speaks. I must profess to not know enough about the Wheat Board and many of the supply management issues, but what I do know is that the Conservatives are wanting engineer the market and that sounds like socialism to me - a word that is now dreaded in most parts of rural Canada. Interesting what stances parties will take to win seats. It sounds very similar to the Liberal gun pledge.

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