Sunday, November 27, 2005


General Motors needs new leadership

Did any of the senior management at General Motors take Economics 101? They are too busy trying to reduce their costs (supply) - mainly through massive job cuts - that they have forgotten to pay attention to the demand side of the equation. There brands are disjointed and their cars, for the most part, are junk. Maybe they could drop Pontiac, Saturn and some others and focus on what they do well. Companies can only bang the "high labour cost drum" for so long until they actually have to climb out from behind the bullshit wall.

They make good trucks and that's about it. Even in the full size trucks category, Ford and Chrysler have been more innovative with their designs not to mention the new Nissan Titan and the new Honda unibody.

There was a grest article by an ex-empolyee of GM (I can't find the link)who said any innovation is beat out of them by GM's grinding bureaucracy.

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