Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Waiting is the hardest part

Ontario MPs, especially those who barely won their seats in the last campaign, are getting testy. These MPs have looked in the abyss and don't like what is staring back. The funny thing is this is an almost unanimous sentiment from all parties. Belinda and the Ont gang are getting antsy. They believe that forcing an election before the federal budget passes is a risky business and could backfire on the party. It would be shame to lose someone like Belinda when the house has too many Tom Wappell's.

Belinda is not alone in her trepidation. Liberals are panicky too. In fact, MP Rose-Marie Ur (Middlesex-Kent-Lambton, Ont.) is a tad worried. Apparently the worrying is causing her to mumble non-sense. Ms.Ur was recently quoted as saying that she believes that the media are probably the major problem with what's going on in Ottawa. Hello Mcfly? Did you not share some time with "Don" Gagliano?

She goes on to say: "You tell me what Rose-Marie Ur has done to you to be allowed to say the Liberal Party is corrupt. Rose, you had your nomination papers signed by the party. Do you remember that technicality?

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