Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Tory outrage misguided

Let me state this upfront - I am not nor have ever been a huge fan of Belinda Stronach. She is green, light on content and has allot to learn, however, she deserves a little respect from hot-heads in this country.

It didn't take long for the right-wing blogs to light up in disgust over the defection of Belinda to the Liberals. Some individuals are glad to see her leave since they figure she never belonged and others are scared for what this means for the Tories in the upcoming election. There are, however, a collection of Conservative supporters who are just plain irrational and assine about the event. Below is just a sampling of the kind of bullshit that has hit the airwaves.

Alberta MLA Tony Abbott (an elected official - what a joke!) was incensed when he heard of defection and said Stronach's move would fans the flames of western alienation. "She whored herself out for power, that's what she did, it's somebody who supposedly stood for conservative values and wanted to keep the country together and now the exact opposite could happen," said Abbott, MLA for Drayton Valley-Calmar.

Brad Trost, Conservative MP (political rookie in over his head) for Saskatoon-Humboldt, saw something different in caucus meetings. "You know there were leaks in the newspaper, and I think most of us had figured out pretty much where those leaks were coming from." Are you sure about that Brad?

Steven Fletcher, Conservative MP for Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia, was surprised to learn Stronach would join what he calls a "corrupt" party. Fletcher described the move as "breathtaking hypocrisy," saying Stronach was bashing the Liberal government as recently as last week. "You know, that she joined an organization like that is, I think, very poor judgement. Ms. Stronach has made her decision. She has shown herself to be a hypocrite. And therefore she belongs in the Liberal party." Fletcher says Stronach crossed the floor because she knew she had no hope of leading the Conservative Party in the near future. Apparently Mr. Fletcher isn't aware of her family tree. Her father was a blue liberal candidate in the Turner years.

The majority of the postings on Conservative blogs were tossing around the issue of Western Separation due to naive or stupid Ontarians wanting to live in a one-party state. It is tad rich and ironic since most of the comments originate from Albertans (mainly conservatives) who themselves live in a one-party state. In their one-party state, the media don't push Ralph Klein for anything. These same individuals don't bat an eye on their own contract scandals. Even Colby Cash, from the Western Standard, has raised the notion of Klein breaking rules.

Best one I've heard........the Liberals stole from Peter to pay Paul.

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