Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Sin Hound Sale

A Roman Catholic diocese in Newfoundland plans to sell its churches, parish buildings and land to raise money to compensate people who were sexually abused by a priest.

This is the listing that they are leaning toward:

Modern, contemporary well maintained home with a manicured yard. This home is a good size with 3 levels. Porch in the back of home includes an organ (choir is optional). The basement is full height and has a series a well-used floor mats. Furnace & water heater recently replaced. Air conditioner, jacuzzi and sauna installed all work real well. The home needs work, but has good running (holy) water. Beautiful stained glass windows in all rooms.

Bishop Douglas Crosby said the diocese hopes the property sales will provide most of the money it needs for a $13-million settlement with 36 victims of Father Kevin Bennett.

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