Saturday, May 07, 2005


One scare tactic, deserves another

Conservative MP Bob Mills (Red Deer) is talking like a kid who is going to take his toys and go home. Mills claims that Albertans are fed up with Ontarians and other Canadians who continue to elect "criminal" Liberals and some are near their breaking point. It is interesting how the labeling starts when things don't go your way.

First, not everyone in the province in Alberta votes Conservative. Second, the majority of Alberta residents consider themselves proud Canadians first and foremost than Albertans. This has changed over time, but it still remains strong.

On the electoral front, it isn't just Ontario where the Liberals still have support. It is in the majority of urban Canada - where there are people. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal which account for over 1/3 of the country. Mills' comments just get worse. To say that the all Liberal victories occurred under a cloud of criminal activity is assinine and completely false. During the last election, one could argue that was the case, but others before that it simply isn't true.

Mills said some of his constituents are contemplating separatism and may have no other choice should the federal Liberals win the next election. "If we (the Conservatives) don't form the government this time, the message I'm getting is that we'd be totally frustrated. We just don't know if we can keep this battle going."

These statements do nothing to assist the chances of the Conservative party's chances of winning the next election. What Canada's needs is a real alternative to Liberals not a pack of whinny babies. The Liberals look like fools when the play the scare card and ditto for the Conservatives.

It seems to me that many people fail to understand how politically astute the Canadian electorate is.

As you say, Canadians won't elect a party simply because they call the other party names and say that it's their turn to rule. Cananda is not a playground teeter-totter.

I get the feeling that, like me, many Canadians feel that the liberals have been, as a whole, guilty of serious arrogance and some of them, individually, seem to have been corrupt. Yet, they still lead in the polls. What does that tell us about the opposition?

Well, I would guess that Canadians don't feel confortable with what is being offered as an alternative to the liberals. Much like the British Tory party rule of 18 years (1979-1997), Canadians seem to align themselves more with the liberal values (corruption aside, of course).

In my view, the only area where Mr. Mills is correct is in saying that there will be widespread frustration amongst the right in Canada if they lose the next election. What I disagree with, however, is blaming it on others. If the conservatives offer Canadians policy that fits in with their shared values, they will be voted into power. If they keep simply saying they should be elected because the liberals are crooks, that won't cut it.
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