Thursday, May 19, 2005


The Old and the Clueless

Decision Day 2005 - A Budget or an Election. It is really that simple. Apparently, the drama needs to be cranked up a few more levels before 5 45 PM EST. Fans of Coronation Street, Another World or any other soap can only marvel at the antics in Ottawa.

It seems fair to do a mini-week in review:

Monday - PM announces childcare deal in Halifax and calls for civility in Ottawa

Harper vows to defeat the budget and force an election

Premier Danny Williams presses two Conservative MPs to vote for
the budget since it contains the Atlantic Accord

Chuck Cadman is spotted in Ottawa - alone

Tuesday - Belinda crosses the floor and all hell breaks lose

Harper vows to defeat the budget... No, check that. Harper indicates
support for Budget version 1.0, however, will not support version 2.0

NDP silent

David Kilgour still mad about Darfur and will not support the insulting offer

Wednesday - A Liberal MP leaves the House in an ambulance with a bad case of heartburn

A pair of Conservative MPs claim the Liberals tried to buy their support

NDP still silent

Thursday - Independent MP Carolyn Parrish has an appendicitis and is iffy for the vote

6 o'clock can not come soon enough since either way all parties will get back to work.

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