Friday, May 06, 2005


Hit the road Jacques?

Are you kidding me? Does the Parti Quebecois actually expect anyone to believe their nonsense?

An independent Quebec would be swimming in cash after taking over federal taxing powers and reducing duplication in government services, says the PQ plan. Or the province could have significantly more cash if it wasn’t beholden to labour, subsidize business and spend buckets of money on propaganda (under the PQ) - you take your pick.

If the province became sovereign, Quebec would re-create its own version of the recent massive surpluses of the federal government and would have full control over how the money is spent, PQ Leader Bernard Landry said. Apparently Landry doesn't realize that running a country is little harder than running a country club. There are actual expenditures. How about all the cost of health, education, military, immigration, etc. The plan presumes successful negotiations with Canada and uses simple calculations to establish Quebec's spending in areas currently run by the federal government. Big assumption.

The study, drafted by PQ finance critic Francois Legault, says Quebec would have $1.3-billion in extra money in 2005-06 after taking over its share of federal taxes and spending. The amount would grow to $13.8-billion by 2010. The money would not necessarily translate into a surplus because Quebeckers would still have to decide whether to spend it on a variety of new responsibilities, like buying new army equipment or setting up foreign missions.

As Paul Wells mentions on his blog, why is it that we hear nothing from Ottawa about this? Where are Martin, Harper and Layton on this?

One last thing, if and when, you take the province Laundry the share of the federal debt that goes with you is $149 Billion. A small point I know, but one worth noting. Stay, however, and we can work our problems out.

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