Saturday, May 14, 2005


Heavy Rotation

It appears that not all international bodies are out of touch with reality. In an unprecedented move, the International Ice Hockey Federation announced that the world junior hockey championship will be played in Canada every three years.

This decision is yet another feather in the cap for Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson. Maybe the NHL should consider him for their top job, when it becomes officially vacant. Nicholson officially approached the IIHF congress with the proposal this week and the deal, albeit with some trepidation from some European federations who realize Canada will get home-ice advantage every three years.

Apparently, some European countries were happy playing games in front of 15 fans and a Lada. The IIHF makes way more money when the event is staged in Canada, where attendance records continue to be shattered with every event.

Nicholson said he appeased the European federations by promising to cover some training camp costs in Canada as well as some travel costs. Money really can buy happiness or votes (good thing escorts didn't get involved). If that wasn't the case there wouldn't have been Olympics in Atlanta or Salt Lake.

Bring on Moose Jaw in 2009!

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