Saturday, May 14, 2005


Harvest Moon - The Final Chapter

No surprise, Lorne Calvert managed to wrestle some money out of Ottawa in the end. It took a little longer than the rest of the provincial deals signed, but beggars can't be choosers. Or can they? Is the Prime Minister even trying anymore? 300 M over 5 years - we are sending more to Darfur than this.

The Saskatchewan deal falls well short of addressing the actual ENERGY imbalance and funds labour market and post-secondary education priorities. Call it a first step, but this should not end here. The cash will reportedly be paid out over five years in a deal similar to the one Ontario signed with Ottawa last weekend.

I guess it pays to have a province vote Liberal. Ralph it is a lonely, lonely world. Where is Morris Bodnar when you need him?

Peanuts is right. Calvert should've brought more socks.

With all due respect to the land of the Red Lily, Darfur needs more help than Saskatchewan right now.

No worries though, Redden, Marleau and Morrow are making your homeland proud in Austria.
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