Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Harvest Moon - Amendment to the Amendment

Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert still had no deal late Tuesday night with Ottawa. Calvert, a former United Church Minister, is apparently too nice to throw Ralph in a sleeper hold or threaten to stop flying the flags in Waskesiu. The Premier ensures all that he's making progress toward a new financial deal with Ottawa that would let his province hang onto resource revenue and still get equalization payments to top up its social programs.

Calvert said he and Goodale could go at it again later Tuesday evening. But he indicated any deal would ultimately need the stamp of approval of Prime Minister Paul Martin - something that wouldn't come before Wednesday at the earliest.

"I have a hotel room booked and I've got a few pairs of socks (really no clean gotch, even an extra tie?)," said Calvert, suggesting he's willing to stay in the capital as long as it takes to get what he wants.

Calvert best stay in Ottawa until he gets some money, any money since a return home with nothing is just embarassing at this point.

FYI - I am in Ottawa later this weekend and I am refining my funding request to PMO.

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