Thursday, May 19, 2005


Get back to the Kitchen

US Congressional Republicans are trying to pass legislation which would keep female soldiers out of combat. This isn't a joke. The measure is actually being considered now by the House Armed Services Committee. Regardless of your opinion of Michael Moore, you have to give him credit for exposing US lawmakers as being military tourists (our government sadly, is not better). There are so few that have ever served and even fewer who have relatives enlisted.

Advocates of the proposal want to stop women from working as drivers, medics and logistics specialists in teams which provide back-up to combat units. They say the women get too close to the fighting.

Thankfully the US army is opposed to the plan. The common sense comes from the actual line of defence. It is also a little ironic that this idiotic piece of legislation comes at a time when the US Army is struggling with recruitment. For the last three months, the army has failed to meet its recruiting targets. At the moment it looks set to miss its annual target by 15%. Somebody should hand a calculator to these Einstein's in the House. You need to add to the troop base, not subtract.

Isn't Private Jessica Lynch one of the US' best-known soldiers from the recent war on terror? Just checking.

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