Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The Fugitive

A Saskatchewan man is recounting his tale of survival after he was attacked by a black bear. John Rudachyk is amazed he survived the attack. "It was a pretty big bear," said Rudachyk, 32, who's recovering in a Regina hospital with a mangled foot, broken bones, cuts, scratches and bruises.

The attack happened on Sunday when Rudachyk was out in the woods looking for deer horns. Rudachyk thinks he might have startled the bear.The bear charged him four times. Rudachyk climbed a poplar tree but the bear came after him. He kicked it in the nose, causing it to retreat. But the bear came back and bit on Rudachyk's heel. Then the bear flung him into a spruce tree.

When he hit the ground, Rudachyk was knocked out, but upon regaining consciousness he was able to drag himself to his car about 700 metres away. He managed to drive home.

Authorities are looking for a large creature somewhere between 400 and 500 pounds and about 7 feet tall. It is commonly refered to as a black bear, but is known to have an alias or two - Kermode, Cinnamon or Glacier bear. It is believed to clawed and dangerous. The animal was last spotted in the Norquay area heading northeast to Regina. Police have released this rendering.

I think I saw it somewhere just south of Saskatoon earlier today ;)
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